Seminar – Industrial Packaging Material’s Evolution and Prospects

General Information

Date/Time: 9/8/2017 (Friday) 13:00~17:00 (check in at 13:00~13:30)
Venue:  Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center  –  5th Floor 504C conference room


All kinds of industry need packaging materials. Most companies have very limited knowledge towards packaging materials, nor do they follow the current trend for it. Packaging is the last stop for the supply chain. The complexity and professionalism do not fall below other industries. The seminar introduces the history and characteristic of mainstream and special packaging material, through display of video and pictures, we will go through each of their specialties, explaining design views, focus and by examples, demonstrate the current status of the packaging industry as well as its whole development picture. We will introduce the Packaging Oscar Award i.e. DuPont Packaging Award, the highly prestigious packaging information. We will use the views from the best & top packaging professionals to analyze the future trend of the packaging industry.  We sincerely hope that through interaction with the participants about the high quality packaging material that we can provide a solid foundation to build upon as well as a firmed planning direction.

( Seminar with limited seats, please register at your earliest convenience. Deadline: 8/15/2017)