Handheld PU Foam-in-place System

Foamrite®Foam Packaging
A Fast, Easy and Versatile Process for On-Line, On-Site Production of Protective Polyurethane Foam Packaging.

Benefits of Foamrite®Foam Packaging

● Saves Money

Foamrite® foam is a reasonably priced foam in place packaging medium designed to save customers substantial costs as compared with traditional  foam in place systems,adding valuable profits to our customers bottom line.

● Products Protection
Foamrite® foam is the perfect cushioning material for all your packaging needs. Our polyurethane foams superior cushioning performance insures your products arrive at their destination damage free.

● Fast and easy to use
Foamrite® foam in place packaging dispenses fast, forming a custom cushion or an engineered pre-molded cushion in seconds, increasing your productivity, with significant labor savings.

● Versatile
Foamrite® foams can protect virtually any product regardless of size, shape and weight. No matter what your current packaging application there is a Foamrite® foam to suite your packaging needs.

● Warehouse space savings
Since Foamrite® dispensed on demand, a 55-gallon drum of each component, when dispensed, can create up to a trailer-truck load of packaging material, saving valuable warehouse space and money.

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