Taipei International Logistics Exhibition – Taiwan’s Largest Automation Intelligence Exhibition

The rise of e-commerce has changed the global logistics industry structure. Global turnover in 2015 reached 1.8 trillion US dollars, up 17.6% over the previous year. Taiwan’s logistics and home market will reach 30 billion Taiwan dollars in 2019. The biggest challenge for e-commerce therefore becomes how fast and efficient distrubtion services become.
Cloud computing and services has also become a prominent promoter for the change in logistics industry structure. The global chain of resources and related technologies have matured. Technologies such as large data, broadband mobile network (4G / 5G) and cloud computing and services are a few examples. “Wisdom” has become the logistics automation system equipment industry’s latest highlights.
2017 Taipei International Logistics Exhibition displays a variety of things ranging from logistics supply chain to warehousing to delivery, it also combines internet of things technology and equipment. This is an exhibition in which you do not want to miss!

Exhibition Period:September 6, 2017 ~ September 9, 2017  (09:00am~17:00pm)

Exhibition Location:Nangang Exhibition Center (台北市南港區經貿二路1號) map